Run for the Roses Race Recap

My first officially timed 5K was this past Sunday. The 33rd annual Run for the Roses kicked off at 2pm on a sunny 52 degree day. There were about 500 runners in all. The largest 5K ive experienced. Although its only my second timed race in my life, so, ya.

I’ll be honest, I was nervous. I paced, I stretched, paced, and stretched some more, and that was the night before. You see, I hadnt run a 5K in 3 years and I blew that one by keeping a 9 min mile for the first mile and half. I was a 12 min/mile pacer when the race started, so you can see how that went. I turned the corner and I hit a wall. Literally, the hill looked like I was climbing Mt Washington. Straight up and the only good thing was I passed a kid on the way up.  Well he caught me 5 steps later and i swear he was laughing at me at the top. That’s another post about hallucinations due to lack of oxygen and lack of training before attempting a 5K. I didnt want that to happen again on this race. This is different, Im running for a cause, not for me.

I had a strategy on this race: stay near the back of the starting group and follow my own pace. Easy right?

Yes, thats the Start line WAYYYYYYY up there
Yes, thats the Start line WAYYYYYYY up there

WRONG! I was lined up at the back when the buzzer went off.  But when the herd was corralled through the arches something inside me made my body lurch forward.  I felt great, I was passing people, getting passed but my pace seemed good. It wasn’t until I hit the 1 mile mark and my app told me I just paced out at a 10min mile, did it hit me that I might not have any left for the rest of the race. Now the thoughts of 3 years ago and that little kid laughing at me passing me flashed through my brain.  I had planned  on a 12min/mile due to my shins hurting in previous runs, so I backed off.  I didnt expect  the mountains hills I had to climb. Dorothea Dix hospital sits on top of a hill looking down over the city of Raleigh. I huffed and puffed up the hills running/walking and then on the down hills and flats I ran. What I tried to do was focused on the scenery and being in the day. This was about enjoying myself. Yes it hurt, yes an elephant was sitting on my chest, but I really enjoyed the run. I even sprinted ran slightly faster the last quarter mile. My strategy paid off. I finished!

First Timed race in 3 years.

First Timed race in 3 years.

Thanks for reading and supporting me. You guys are great!!

See you on the road! My next race is Feb 23rd Miles for Missions in North Raleigh.




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Confession time

I have to apologize. I was away on business in Atlanta all last week and had grand intentions in writing a post, but time flew. I also had grand intentions of running every day, but time flew. My excuse reason behind not running was that almost every time I went to the hotel gym the treadmill was busy. I ran the first day there on a treadmill that originally came with the hotel back in the 1930s left a lot to be desired. I did run stairs on Wednesday. My ambitions were really too high. The hotel had 9 floors and I figured 5 sets, ya no. I hit a wall at three sets and had to hold my legs to walk down to my floor. Thankfully I was on the 5th floor. Plus the rain and tornado warnings didnt help my outlook on running outside. You take your life in your hands driving int Atl let alone running the streets around my hotel.

One thing I did do was read a bunch of blogs (Mommy Run Fast, The Happy Runner,Racing Alzheimers,Shut up and Run,& Marathon Mom) on my free time about running. That boosted my drive to get out and run. Here were these folks running in snow and freezing cold to gain mileage. I could do this. I could run a 5K sooner that my first scheduled race. Why not? I run 5Ks for my daily runs. So I signed up for a Virtual 5K.

Yesterday, I ran my first “official” 5K of the year. It’s the #TackletheMiles virtual 5K. I wrote about Virtual races a couple weeks ago and decided I needed to get one race out of the way to help with the jitters my goal not seeming to overwhelming. I ran/walked a 5K loop around my neighborhood that I trained on a couple years ago. Running outside is COMPLETELY different than pounding out 3 miles on a treadmill. The cold, pavement, lure of the couch, no TV to watch are all factors to consider when running outside.

Tackle The Miles 5KTackle The Miles

But, after I checked this race off the list I felt better about getting 13 of these done in the next 11 months. By the time February is over I’ll have 3 5Ks completed and that much closer to my goal. My next race is this Sunday, I’ll be running the Run for the Roses in Raleigh,NC. Come join me. The proceeds go to a great cause: Canines for Service Canines for Service is dedicated to empowering people with disabilities to achieve greater independence and enhanced quality of life and to improving people’s lives through the services of specially trained dogs.

See you on the Road.


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Sore Shins

This last week has been hard.  I got done running Wednesday and my shins were on fire. “Oh great now I have shin splints. “- were my thoughts.  How am I going run 13 5Ks with shin splints. That would be the worse thing a beginning runner could do is continue to run with shin splints. Plus every step hurt. Well, I stretched and stretch and read to determine how to alleviate this pain I had. Then I stretched some more. My run Friday was mediocre, I’m still averaging a 12:38 min. mile, but my shins started hurting again half way through the run. So, I slowed down to alleviate the pain. Once again after the run my shins were hurting. I stretched and drank electrolytes and stretched some more.

I was really discouraged this weekend. My legs hurt and I couldn’t see running anymore. They hurt walking stairs, getting off the couch, or getting out of the car. The pain at a few points was definitely not normal. No matter how many calf raises, or toe raises I did, my legs wouldn’t give me any relief.

Then on Sunday  morning, I woke and my legs felt really good. No pain, a little sore but a good sore. I went to church to serve as leader for my church’s  5/6 grade service and one of the songs on our playlist really hit home and gave me a better outlook on completing this goal I started only a few weeks ago. I’ve heard it a hundred times but I never felt the words. If you get a chance, give it a listen Planetshakers ‘Nothing is Impossible’  One line in the song: “Through You all things are possible, strongholds are broken, It is You who gives me strength” was what I need to hear. I need to focus on the goal and rely on my faith to finish this strong.

See you on the road.


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A video to watch

My wife surprised me this weekend. She sent me an email (I was on the deck swing, she was upstairs) to come watch a video she put together for my blog and to help explain why I’m running this year. WOW, is all I have to say. She did an amazing job and I’m excited to share THIS with you all. The video shows why I’m running 13 5Ks in 2013. My mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s 14 years ago and has been battling it the best she can with the help of my dad. This is just a small glimpse into her life and my life. We can #EndAlz one run at a time, one family at a time and one state at a time. The more people I can tell through this blog and my running, the faster we can battle this disease.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


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Virtual Races

I had never heard of this before. Run a race anywhere at anytime. I quite like the fact that I can run on a particular date by myself or with a group and get credit for the run. Of course its strictly an honor system type of run. One of the Virtual race sites I found today is Anywhere5K . They have a lot of races planned over the next few months. And, they are free!! A couple races may ask for a donation to a great cause but that will be stated in the race info prior to you signing up.

The website states:

  1. Run a 5K race anywhere you’d like.
  2. Post your time and location (city/state/country) on Twitter with the #Anywhere5K hashtag, on our Facebook page, or on our site.
  3. (optional) Add a photo or details of your run.

It’s that easy.  Check em out, give it a try and tell me how you like it. I’ll be looking at doing a couple of these to complete my #13N2013 runs over the next several months.

See you on the road,


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Calf cramps

I thought I followed all the running rules  yesterday: hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, and then stretch and then hydrate some more. I felt great. My run was great, my afternoon was great, my evening was great until… 2am. I awoke with the tightest calf I have ever experienced. I thought I’d get out of bed and stretch and walk it of. As I stepped out of bed, I muffled a blood curdling scream  masculine throat clearing cough due to the pain. Why is it always at the wee hours of the morning when you experience calf cramps,arch cramps, or deep desires to eat the entire pantry? After what seemed like hours, ten minutes I was able to walk downstairs and stretch again and drink. more. water. By 3am I was back into bed and dreaming of the mileage I needed to log before my first race 34 days away.

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Change of Plans

I was talking it over with my wife this weekend and decided that Feb 23rd is a long way off for my first race and I need to run something before then. So I got out my tentative calendar and found the 33rd Annual Run for the Roses,  Sunday, February 10, 2013 @ 2:00 PM

Run for the Roses 5K logo

I’m a little nervous about starting that soon after only 6 weeks of steady training but Im confident that I can start and finish strong.

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I ran once


My first ever 5k in 2009,then a three year hiatus.

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Rest Day

Today was to be my rest day. Nope, I was asked by my kids school to help with their phone system install. My day job is working on business telephone systems and so I lent my expertise, little know how, to the project. Well, there were several wire pulls that had to get done and it required pulling the wire up in the ceiling and under a walk way. I volunteered for both. After stretching into, and contorting to fit in the tight places required to get the cables run I had one last simple job to do: pull the wire across the walkway. I had forgotten that we had pulled a few boards off that walkway to gain access to the underside of the building and as I walked backwards carrying the cables, my sudden jerk downwards reminded me about the missing boards. I fell into the hole with one leg and the other still on the deck,a basic split. Something I haven’t done in 25 years. As I lay there wishing I was home napping wondering what happened, I realized I did a body check. Anything broken? Twisted ankle? Pulled muscle? Can I still run? Wait, did I really just ask myself if I could still run? Do you catch the “run bug” that fast? I’ve only been at this for a couple months. Do those thoughts run through your head after only a couple months of serious running? I believe I’m more and more thinking like a runner.

Well, climbing the ladder 6 thousand times a half dozen times, crawling under the walkway, and the fall, I consider I beg you to consider as cross training maybe a stretch? I think I’ll take another chance at a rest day tomorrow. My body can’t take two “cross training” days in a row. Not just yet…

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Well, here I am. Blogging?!? I’m gonna try to keep a diary of my journey of running for Alzheimer’s.  “Try” is a very strong word. I never got into journaling or writing down my thoughts. I tried to journal the birth of my daughter. I got four posts in the first 2 months and she’s now almost 7. So you see where this might go. But 2013 is all about change.

My mom was diagnosed 14yrs ago with Early On-set Alzheimer’s and I have walked and ran in her memory in the past, but this year I’m trying something different. I decided a couple of months ago to step up on my exercising and needed a goal. With my mom not getting any better and the need to tell as many people as I can- twitter/Facebook are great ways but I want to let more people to know I wanted to run in her honor. Now, I’m all about 3s. Dont know why.  I had this great idea: run 1[3] 5Ks ([3] miles)and a 1/2 Marathon (1[3] miles)  in 201[3]. See where I’m going with this? I found out a couple of days ago that my idea isn’t an original- Super Runners   It seems there are a lot of great runners out there with the same idea. Maybe I’m more of a runner than I thought, naw not yet.

I’m on my way to #13N2013. I signed up for my first 5K([3]miles) on Feb 23rd. I’ve been running for two months now despite the flu and other crud.  I’m still running at a turtle pace but getting faster with every mile. We will see how the weeks go to the big inaugural day. The only goal I have for running this race is to finish, no PR (personal record for you non-runners),yet.

Check out my donation page:  Make a Donation I set it up to help defray the costs of the races, and also give to The Eastern NC Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association in my mom’s name.

I’m gonna try, theres that word again, to blog weekly, so keep coming back.

See you on the road!


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