Huge announcement!

Huge Announcement!

There are a lot of things in the works that will increase the level of Alzheimer’s awareness here at The Wannabe Runner.  I have a meeting with the Eastern North Carolina Chapter of Alzheimer’s Association next Wednesday.  I’ll be talking about running for my mom and for Alzheimer’s.  I’ve also been working with some companies to come along side my efforts to raise the awareness of Alzheimer’s as well as achieving my goal of 13 5Ks in 2013. They have been awesome!  I’m excited about the big things to come.

The major change I’ve been working on with my good friend, Tim Arthur is to get my site moved off to a hosted domain. A huge thanks to Tim for his hard work. Head over to the new site at  You’ll find all the same charming wit by your humble-wannabe-writer, and then some!  I’ll be transitioning over the next couple weeks to post all blogs solely there and vacate

Another big announcement!!!! Two words: More Giveaways!!! The great folks at LockLaces gave me a few sets of LockLaces and I’m spreading the love.

So, make sure you bookmark my new page because the new Giveaway will be over there.

See you on the road!


About rifflewader

I'm running 13 5Ks in 2013 to raise money and awareness of Alzheimer's.
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2 Responses to Huge announcement!

  1. Cordelia says:

    How exciting. I can’t wait to hear how your interview goes. You are making tracks! God speed.

  2. Dani says:

    The new page looks fantastic. I’m happy for you. Cool running!

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