I’m Humbled

I have been meeting all kinds of people since starting this goal who are running for Alzheimer’s Awareness. There’s a gentleman (Jack Fussell) @acrosstheland in Georgia. He and his running “partner” Wilson are running to California, yes, you read that right-he’s running from Georgia to California, to raise Alzheimer’s Awareness. I also found and started following another gentleman (Keith Waite@4GDad whose running 1000 miles in 2013 to raise Alzheimer’s Awareness. 1000 miles!!! Keith also adds a purple ribbon to his race shirt for every person affected by Alzheimer’s. This week he added my mom. Thanks Keith for honoring my mom with a ribbon.

Wow, I’m just blown away by these other guys and their goals for 2013. And I thought my goal was huge. You gotta check out their Blogs, follow em on twitter, and watch their progress. I know there are more folks out there fighting this disease and I’d love to meet you all. Come by, say “hi” and tell me your story.



About rifflewader

I'm running 13 5Ks in 2013 to raise money and awareness of Alzheimer's.
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One Response to I’m Humbled

  1. Dani says:

    Wow, another runner for your mom. Very cool. I’m proud of you for turning pain, anger and frustration into a campaign for your mom and for Alzheimer’s.

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