Run for the Roses Race Recap

My first officially timed 5K was this past Sunday. The 33rd annual Run for the Roses kicked off at 2pm on a sunny 52 degree day. There were about 500 runners in all. The largest 5K ive experienced. Although its only my second timed race in my life, so, ya.

I’ll be honest, I was nervous. I paced, I stretched, paced, and stretched some more, and that was the night before. You see, I hadnt run a 5K in 3 years and I blew that one by keeping a 9 min mile for the first mile and half. I was a 12 min/mile pacer when the race started, so you can see how that went. I turned the corner and I hit a wall. Literally, the hill looked like I was climbing Mt Washington. Straight up and the only good thing was I passed a kid on the way up.  Well he caught me 5 steps later and i swear he was laughing at me at the top. That’s another post about hallucinations due to lack of oxygen and lack of training before attempting a 5K. I didnt want that to happen again on this race. This is different, Im running for a cause, not for me.

I had a strategy on this race: stay near the back of the starting group and follow my own pace. Easy right?

Yes, thats the Start line WAYYYYYYY up there
Yes, thats the Start line WAYYYYYYY up there

WRONG! I was lined up at the back when the buzzer went off.  But when the herd was corralled through the arches something inside me made my body lurch forward.  I felt great, I was passing people, getting passed but my pace seemed good. It wasn’t until I hit the 1 mile mark and my app told me I just paced out at a 10min mile, did it hit me that I might not have any left for the rest of the race. Now the thoughts of 3 years ago and that little kid laughing at me passing me flashed through my brain.  I had planned  on a 12min/mile due to my shins hurting in previous runs, so I backed off.  I didnt expect  the mountains hills I had to climb. Dorothea Dix hospital sits on top of a hill looking down over the city of Raleigh. I huffed and puffed up the hills running/walking and then on the down hills and flats I ran. What I tried to do was focused on the scenery and being in the day. This was about enjoying myself. Yes it hurt, yes an elephant was sitting on my chest, but I really enjoyed the run. I even sprinted ran slightly faster the last quarter mile. My strategy paid off. I finished!

First Timed race in 3 years.

First Timed race in 3 years.

Thanks for reading and supporting me. You guys are great!!

See you on the road! My next race is Feb 23rd Miles for Missions in North Raleigh.




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About rifflewader

I'm running 13 5Ks in 2013 to raise money and awareness of Alzheimer's.
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5 Responses to Run for the Roses Race Recap

  1. Good post! I found your blog through the 13in2013 facebook page!!

  2. Heather says:

    Great job and still love the shirt!

    • rifflewader says:

      I’ve been thinking about a race shirt swap. Is there such a thing out there? That would be kinda cool. Especially if youve run the same race a couple years in a row, runners might not want the shirt. What am I saying they are all badges of honor. Never mind, it friday and my brain is fried. 🙂

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