Virtual Races

I had never heard of this before. Run a race anywhere at anytime. I quite like the fact that I can run on a particular date by myself or with a group and get credit for the run. Of course its strictly an honor system type of run. One of the Virtual race sites I found today is Anywhere5K . They have a lot of races planned over the next few months. And, they are free!! A couple races may ask for a donation to a great cause but that will be stated in the race info prior to you signing up.

The website states:

  1. Run a 5K race anywhere you’d like.
  2. Post your time and location (city/state/country) on Twitter with the #Anywhere5K hashtag, on our Facebook page, or on our site.
  3. (optional) Add a photo or details of your run.

It’s that easy.  Check em out, give it a try and tell me how you like it. I’ll be looking at doing a couple of these to complete my #13N2013 runs over the next several months.

See you on the road,



About rifflewader

I'm running 13 5Ks in 2013 to raise money and awareness of Alzheimer's.
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4 Responses to Virtual Races

  1. Danielle says:

    I’m afraid that my idea of a virtual run is seeing a little cartoon character of myself zip across the computer screen while I kick back with a martini and zone out until I hear canned clapping and cheering because my little-virtual-self took first place, of course. Sorry for the run-on sentence, but it’s all the running I can muster for the moment…

  2. Mike Ellis says:

    I’m not a runner, but nevertheless, I like the idea of using this as a way to help prepare for a 5k I will do in August. (I do one every 2 years in August in whatever seems to be the hottest locale in the US at that moment). I hate the 5k but it’s for a good cause and so maybe I can use this to help me get inspired and ready.

    • rifflewader says:

      Mike, Anywhere5K has some great races throughout the year, and I’m learning more and more about them. You could sign up for a run and run it on a treadmill instead of the blazing heat. My goal this year is to try and run 13 5Ks and here in NC it gets blazing hot in July & August so to offset the outdoor races with a few indoor runs is ideal. I hope your run goes well and you all raise a lot of money for your cause.

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